Testimonials The Outdoor Fitness Experience

Testimonials  The Outdoor Fitness Experience

"Caroline''s workouts are incredible! I started noticing a difference immediately. Increased energy and a better body. These workouts are extremely effective and fun!

I was never one to run on a treadmill or have the will power to make myself get out in the cold and run around the block once our twice. They are not only effective but easy to do in the cramped space of a dorm room. These workouts are like exercise when we were kids: you''re playing games and you don''t even realize that you are working out.... until the next day. lol.

The Outdoor Fitness Experience e-book spared me my freshman 15!

Thank you, Caroline!"Leita HagemannBurlington, VT"The Outdoor Fitness Experience is like no other program out there. Caroline combines simple to understand exercises with fun, challenging formats that anyone can do.  It''s literally like putting a puzzle together and winding up with a great, easy to follow workout.  It can be done anyplace, anytime, alone or with friends, and without cumbersome, expensive equipment.  The beauty of the program is the adaptability to all fitness levels:  Beginners can easily understand and complete the various exercises, and the very fit can perform them at their own pace with greater intensity.

Caroline''s  enthusiasm for outdoor training is infectious.  She gets average people to do high intensity interval training without them even realizing it! I have been a participant in her boot camps and I can attest that her workouts are truly challenging and effective.

As a trainer myself, I relish the chance to exercise without having to think about what I need to do.  She makes sure that all major muscle groups are included, and incorporates a great fat burning cardio component along with strength, endurance and flexibility.  She also makes great use of time--if you are really working hard, you don''t have to work long.  That is a philosophy that many people can''t wrap their heads around.  You don''t have to do long, boring, slow cardio workouts to get results.  In fact, the opposite is true.

I hope that you will consider adding the Outdoor Fitness Experience to your workout regimen.  Whatever your level of fitness, you will not only enjoy the program, but you will see the benefits in a leaner, more energetic, healthier body.  You will work out smarter, not harder, and you won''t spend a fortune.  Give it a try!"Ellen O''haraOwner, CoreAsset Fitness TrainingWestwood, MA"Caroline,

Thank you so much for writing an e-book to get me out of the house and exercising outside year round.  Going to the gym gets boring and repetitive.  By using your e-book I can exercise on my time and the workouts are always different.  I like how you included pictures to demonstrate all of the exercises and gave alternate exercises if needed.  Your workouts are challenging yet fun and afterwards, I really feel like my entire body has gotten a great workout.  In a gym that would easily take me twice the amount of time (or more).  Who has the time to do that and work full time?  My co-workers have asked me what I''ve been doing differently and the answer is the Outdoor Fitness Experience!

I competed in my first triathlon recently and these workouts really made the difference in my training.  I felt strong and ready for anything that came my way!  I can''t say how much I love your workouts...if I could change one thing, I''d love to do them on the beach with you year round.

Thank you!!!"Kelly HarringtonLexington, Massachusetts"It has been such a great experience working with Caroline and her fitness program. While my home is in NJ I spend as much time as possible in Maine.

Caroline''s workouts are fun! One of the best things about her program is that I can do the workouts wherever I am. I am more motivated then ever to push and challenge myself. I have finally developed the upper body strength that has been missing in my prior fitness classes. The work is hard but it is definitely worth it!

Thanks for being there Caroline!"Margaret EdwardsJersey City, NJ and Kennebunkport, ME“When I found the Outdoor Fitness Experience, I wanted to lose some post baby weight and get back into shape. But, I was bored of the gym, and sick of “traditional” workouts. Caroline’s workouts are amazing. They are so hard that sometimes I can’t walk properly for days!! There is always a modification to make it easier but I find I don’t want to.

The sessions are always fun, always different, and always challenging. I’ve started doing the workouts with friends when we can which is more fun, but on my own if we just can’t coordinate the diaries. Just when you get used to something and start to feel like you are fit, along comes a harder one to prove there is always more to do. I’m now feeling much healthier, thinner and happier than I have in ages. I have rediscovered my love of exercise and enjoy going out there and getting it done!

Thanks Caroline.”Debbie McAlpineLondon, England"I''ve been using the Outdoor Fitness Experience ebook for a month and the change in my body and physical endurance is unbelievable! I meet three friends three days a week and we alternate the programs so that we have a new workout each day. I feel like a little kid running around in the yard with my buddies.

Not only have I lost weight and my clothes fit better, but my mood is improved, and my brain is definitely working better. This is a fantastic book for working out alone or in a group. Thank you for a fantastic workout program!"Marlene Major-AhmedLincoln, Massachusetts"As a mother of 3 young kids, I found it hard to find the time to work out and very easy to find excuses not to. I love fresh air so getting myself to the gym was painful. Discovering Caroline''s ebook was a "eureka" moment - playing outdoors could get me in shape, what could be better!

Caroline''s workouts really motivate me. They are so fun, diverse and easy to follow that I never skip a session. When I am out there, in the park or on the beach, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Thanks to Caroline Fitzgerald and the Outdoor Fitness Experience, I am in the best shape of my life!"Kirsten OppenheimerNew York, New York"I was struggling to find a fun and engaging workout regimen that worked for my schedule and personality. In the past, I had poured money into monthly gym memberships that were hardly ever used and I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I found Caroline and her Outdoor Fitness Experience. I was able to talk two of my friends into trying out the workouts with me and to my surprise we look forward to our workouts every morning, something I have never been able to say about exercise.

I personally enjoy that the workouts are made for every fitness level, there is little to no repetition, it’s challenging enough but not too much you give up, and you can see the results! I encourage anyone who is looking for an alternative to boring workout formats to try The Outdoor Fitness Experience. I am a life long member and can honestly say I now have a commitment to fitness!"Katie Ketner FasuloHouston, Texas