Our Services

Our Services

Service categories includes
1. Skilled Nursing services by Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses
2. Psychiatric Services
3. Physical Therapy Services
4. Occupational Therapy Services
5. Speech Therapy
6. Home Health Aids
7. Personal Care Services
8. Medical Social Worker Services

Registered Nurses (RNs) provides quality nursing care by the shift or per visit in accordance with the physician’s order. The skilled care includes the following:
• Professional wound care and wound vacuum including weekly wound measurement, assessment and reporting and teaching client/caregiver on wound care
• Diabetic education including glucometer testing, administering Insulin where indicated, foot care, coordinating diet plan and testing supplies
• Monitor BP, pulse and respiratory status
• Ostomy Care (Colostomy/Ileostomy)
• Phlebotomy Services
• Catheter care
• Enteral Nutrition and Hydration care management
• Cardiac Therapy (where indicated)
• Pulmonary Care
• Symptom Management
• Bowel and Bladder Training and Management
• Evaluate nutrition and hydration
• Monitor medication compliance, response and adverse effects
• Specialized therapy services such Infusion Therapy, IV antibiotics, and total parenteral
• LVN provides assigned nursing care under the direction of a Registered Nurse and within the scope of practice.

Home Health Aide and Personal Care Services
• Assistance with transfer and ambulation (where indicated)
• Assistance with grooming, dressing and skin care
• Meal preparations and feeding
• Light housekeeping
• Turning and positioning
• Catheter care and Foley care
• Oral hygiene and medication compliance reminder
• Supervision and Companionship

Medical Social Work
• Psychosocial status evaluation of client, family and home
• Help client in identifying community resource and making appropriate referral
• Exploring and emphasizing appropriate coping skills and grief counseling
• Individual Therapy (If indicated and ordered by patient’s physician).
• Utilizing the psychosocial aspect of healing in treating clients.

Other Services
• Respiratory Therapy
• Home Oxygen Therapy
• And in conjunction with reputable agencies occasionally provides durable medical supplies and medication delivery systems to ensure compliance.

Psychiatric Services
Our highly trained psychiatric nurses ensure timely and appropriate psychiatric home admission including
• Psychiatric home care
• Suicide assessment and intervention
• on-call crises intervention
• AIMS (Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale) assessment and Intervention
• Hamilton Anxiety assessment and Intervention
• Becks Depression assessment and Intervention
• MMSE (Mini-Mental State Examination) assessment and Intervention
• Provides psychotropic medications, IM injection to clients at home (such as Haldol decanoate, Prolixin injection and Risperidone injections at patient house)