What would be some good electives to take in 9th grade?

What would be some good electives to take in 9th grade?

What would be some good electives to take in 9th grade?

April 8th, 2010 Posted by admin 3 Comments

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: (btw this is required)

computer applications- deals with learning about word, excel and things like that.

financial literacy-gives students tools to help them find a career, manage money, ect.

computing in the modern world-computer science

pathway essentials-explore basics of textile and housing

marketing principles – discover elements that are used in the industry

food and nutrition through lifespan- learn about what your body needs through human life

into engineering drawing and design- principles of drafting.

I want to go into the medical field. So any opinions would help!! Thanks:)

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I’ve been a nurse for 5+years. Spanish was the most needed of all languages so far. As far as the other electives, computers are always nice but I would check to see what future classes may have electives. For example, if there’s a college-level Algebra class (which you will need) available in 11th grade, but you need Financial Literacy first, it’s best to take that class. You are doing a smart thing by thinking ahead. If you continue on this path, you might be able to do dual enrollment in 11th or 12th grade and really knock out those pre-requisites!

I would probably turn down Pathway Essentials, Marketing Principles, and Intro to Engineering Drawing and Design since these have little to nothing to do with the medical field. The others may.

The electives I chose were Spanish and computer science. They were not too hard. *recommended.

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